Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Up coming 'In-Conversation' show

Friday 29th July saw Nightbreed Radio Dj's, Piers Sixx and Dj Po venture out of their coffins and go out on the road to catch Rhombus, Grooving In Green and The Last Cry play a fantastic gig in Birmingham UK.

They managed to corner Grooving In Green in a large storage room for an 'In-Conversation' show interview, much cake was eaten and they even managed a few questions about 'scene whores' and cats...

Also in attendance were fellow Nightbreed Radio Dj's Cruel Britannia, Trev (Dark Lord) Bamford and Dj martin oldgoth, who was busy spinning all the top tunes in the main room.

This 'In-Conversation' show will probably air some time in September after much editing.

It'll be well worth tuning in for! :)

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sophie Lancaster Fundraising event: Salome En Noir

Salome En Noir is a Silent Movie themed night with a free screening alongside a curio market.
The club night kicks off at 8pm - 2am with Dj's Martin Oldgoth, Dave Exile and Gentleman Jim.
There will also be live dark, gothic and vintage inspired Bellydance performances throughout the evening from Darkstar, Pearl Boheme, Jesse Stanbridge & The Brides Of Dracula.

This event is raising funds for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Date: Saturday 7th May
Admission: £6.00.
Venue: The Horatia, London, N7 8JE
Event website:

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

How to add a Nightbreed Radio stream shortcut to your iPhone/iPod Touch

Convenience. You can't beat it. Coffee, food, all sorts of things accessed by the single push of a button.
So it made perfect sense for me to figure out how to access an internet radio station from the single press of a button.

I suppose that you could trawl the Apple app store to find one that would allow you to access Nightbreed Radio, maybe even charge you for the privilege.
OR you could just follow the steps below that I knocked up through a little bit of tatting about.
The simple instructions below will make a direct shortcut to Nightbreed Radio's stream on your iPhone/iPod Touch-just press & listen, like radio should be accessed in my humble opinion...

Once I've figured out how to attach the Nightbreed logo icon " " to this shortcut I'll let you know (this option already works for adding a shortcut to the Nightbreed Radio website to your homescreen)

1. Open in Safari on your iPhone/iPod Touch

2. Scroll down the page until you reach the 'HOW TO LISTEN' section.
3. Press & hold on the .Quicktime link until options for it pop up from the bottom of the screen.
4. Choose the 'Open in New Page' option.
5. A new page will open and the stream will automatically start playing through Safari's Quicktime player plugin.
6. Press 'Done' in the top left-hand corner of the screen & a blank screen will appear.
7. Press the middle button at the bottom of the screen which looks like an arrow pointing out of a box.
8. Select the 'Add to Home Screen' option
9. Name the shortcut something relevant, like 'Radio Nightbreed' or 'Nightbreed Player'
10. Tap the top right-hand 'Add' button and you're done!

DJ Cruel Britannia

Friday, 4 March 2011

Darkend Festival 2011

Darkend Festival makes a welcome return 26th November 2011 at Nottingham's Old Angel.
Bands include:
Inkubus Sukkubus
Midnight Configuration
Plus one more TBC.

£9 in advance or £10 on the door.

For details contact Lemmy Lupine

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Last July New Live Dates

Last July have a few gigs coming up in the next few months.

Friday 11th March - Man on the Moon, Cambridge - with Devilish Presley + Spucktute : Our first gig with our new guitarist Nevla!
Friday 1st April - Whitby Alt Fest - see for details.
Saturday 2nd April - Esquires, Bedford - with Speak and Spell + Cryogenica + The Blue Surf
Friday 8th April - Club Incarnate, Ipswich - with Ghost In The Static
Saturday 21st May - Portland Arms, Cambridge - with Grooving In Green + Spucktute
For more information on all the above please visit


Last July.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Nightbreed Radio goes all interactive...ooh!

We've added a couple of important updates to the website that you might like to know about.

Firstly, in the interests of actively promoting new music, we're now accepting demos & promos from bands who want to be aired on our station.

Please send your tracks to us via email at

Secondly, we've set up a listener survey to find out more about who listens to us and what makes your ears twitch.
We'd really appreciate you heading over to the Home page to click on the survey link and answer a few questions-your feedback counts!


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Necrofuturist Transmission XXV

Travel the Ghost Road...up ahead is junction XXV. Stop awhile and let P. Emerson Williams bathe your mind in the waters of Necrofuturist Transmission. Let the spirits guide you! Be reborn and left amazed.

In-Conversation with 'Luxury Stranger'

Look out for a Brand New 'In-Conversation' show on 'Nightbreed Radio' in 'February' 2011 Hosted by Piers Sixx and Dj Po asking all the need to be asked questions from lead singer 'Simon York' from the fast rising Dark Indie/Alternative band 'Luxury Stranger' Feat - Trax from their brand New Stunning album 'Commitment and Discipline'

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Last July Dates For 2011

11th March 2011
Pity for Monsters promotions gig at the Man on the Moon, Norfolk Street, Cambridge. Last July will be supporting Devilish
Presley. The other support band TBC. Doors are at 7.30pm and the entry cost is £5. Details here:

Friday 1st April 2011
Whitby Alt Fest at The Spa pavilion, Whitby. Last July will be playing with Attrition, Zeitgeist Zero, Lizard Smile, The
Silent Age, Lower Synth Department, Held Der Arbeit & Cheshire Cat (other bands TBC). Cost for a weekend
ticket for the event is £29.50. More info here:

Saturday 2nd April 2011
No More Heroes promotions: Last July will be supporting Cryogenica and Speak and Spell (a Depeche Mode tribute band) at
Esquires, Bromham Road, Bedford. Cost £8, from 8pm.

Weekend of 21st - 24th July
Deviational Media presents DV8 Fest; various venues; York. Last July will be playing at The Duchess. Tickets currently cost from £45 (plus booking fee). The website is

Nightbreed Radio's January Line-up

New Shows for January.

Prepare for a post-Chrassmass cornucopia of aural delight. New shows aplenty coming up in January, including:

Cassandra's Castle
Naughty Nicola
Derfel's Darkroom
Dark Frequency
In The Mouth of Madness
The Death and Resurrection Show
The Other Fadeout
Inquisitors Hour
The Darkest Hours Every New Dead Ghost "An Endless Nightmare of Stations" Special
Necrofuturist Transmission
.....and our newest show Another Cigarette With Derfel.


Whitby Gothic Weekend clubnights

Two years ago Nightbreed Radio DJ martin oldgoth started a club night at the Whitby Gothic Weekend called ‘Nostalgia’ which rapidly became one of the highlights of the weekend. Based on the same premise as the thirteen13 show martin presents it concentrates purely on goth, post punk, deathrock and dark alternative tunes, a rare thing in the UK goth club scene these days where EBM, industrial or metal are sadly too common, and aims to provide a clubbing experience similar to the scene back in ‘the good old days’. You’ll hear the less commonly played tracks that other clubs rely on too heavily, so you’ll get the same bands, but not the same overplayed songs, and you’ll also hear the less played bands too, Belfegore, Flesh for Lulu.. you get the idea. martin oldgoth is joined by two of the UK’s best female DJanes, Velouria Rose and Rae Vinloon, and each event has a special guest.

From March this year another club night joins Nostalgia in its quest to reintroduce people to the scene as it used to be but focuses on the eighties, so its playlist will be more post punk, new wave, new romantic and indie. Again avoiding the cheese that other 80’s nights fall back on Recollection aims to bring back those bands that the dark alternative scene overlooks, so expect Depeche Mode songs that aren’t Personal Jesus or Just Can’t Get Enough, and bands like Blue Nile, Tik and Tok and a lot more of the post punk and indie that Nostalgia can’t find time for. In short, the eighties we remember and the two or three years either side of it where even chart music was good.

Tickets are on sale now for both events from the web links below:

Whitby Gothic Weekend is March 24th/28th