Tuesday, 17 January 2012

HOT OFF the PRESS 'Dj Po' and 'Naughty Nicola' to record a show together!!

Yes indeed 'Dj Po' and 'Naughty Nicola' are in talks about recording a show together!
How will 'Dj Po' cope by being locked in a Studio with the sultry 'Naughty Nicola'
Will he disolve into a mass of squirming Jelly? Will he be able to compose himself
long enough to remember he's Dj and not her side project play thing? Will she take
her pet Death Rock singing Fruit Bat (Rodriquez) along ... we are sure she will.
More News on this, as and when we get it...

Monday, 16 January 2012


After several months of using the tried & trusted formula of daily schedules (and its associated wrangling with horribly flaky radio platforms), we've now decided we should probably join the 21st century (a little bit, at least) and move Nightbreed Radio to an all-new, cloud-based 'on demand' format! We're now using Mixcloud to bring you the same great shows as before.

MORE UP-TIME THAN BEFORE: It means a more reliable platform for us to bring you our shows (and a lot less headache for the DJ's!)
NEVER MISS A SHOW-EVER! Stuck in traffic? The In-Laws paying an unexpected visit? House on fire? No worries. Just click through the show selections on the pop-up player and choose what you want, when you want!
GOTH ON THE GO: Use the Free Mixcloud iPhone app to hear us on the move!
We hope you'll like this new way of listening to us at Nightbreed Radio; as always you can contact us and leave us any feedback.