Sunday, 23 September 2012


The Autumn Equinox has marked a big weekend for Nightbreed.
Not just one new release but THREE, a revitalised radio station and the debut performance by Arcane Winter.
The releases are as follows:


Trev's psychobilly/thrashy/goth/punky side project, includes the best version of Ghost Riders in the Sky you'll ever hear! The  EP is available at

LUPINE: Lemmy Lupine's classic goth band deliver their best work yet.


Arcane Winter take up where ENDG left off, post-punk, guitar laden gothic grand guignol. The EP is available from:

Saturday 22nd September also saw the debut live performance from Arcane Winter. A terrific gig, played at full tilt to an invited and appreciative audience. Want to know more?

Lastly, Nightbreed Radio has had an overhaul. We're still on Mixcloud but have also revamped the site for 24/7 streaming. We've a full schedule of top quality goth DJs playing the best music new and old. Itunes and DAB radio are on their way, there are many ways to get yer goth on!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Bram Stoker Film Festival Fashion Show and competition

The Bram Stoker International Film Festival  celebrates the life of Bram Stoker horror legacy through four days and nights of Gothic decadence including  the highly anticipated and world famous Bram Stoker European Vampires Ball now in its fourth year. The annual event is held in Whitby, North Yorkshire in the last weekend of October. In 2012 the festival host  their first ever Alternative fashion show, we are to be partnered with Spirit Model Management, the UK's largest Alternative modelling agency who will be supplying the show with their top Gothic models.

Whitby is famous for holding the annual Gothic weekends and attracts thousands of visitors per year, also infamous as the town where Bram Stoker started writing his novel 'Dracula' it was whilst staying in the small North East coast fishing town that Bram Stoker found the inspiration to begin creating the most famous figure in horror film and literature, DRACULA. The legacy left by
 Bram Stoker certainly started the Victorian Gothic culture, continuing to this present day in Whitby.

The show will feature some of the UK's best Gothic, neo Victorian and steam punk designers including Falcieri designs, Madame Le Goth and Wyte Phantom. The show which is being held in support of the St. Catherine`s Hospice, starts at 12pm till 4pm on Thursday the 25th of October, at the Spa Pavilion, a family event, entrance is free and open to 700 seated guests.

Hostessing the show will be Eileen Daly, star of many British and International horror films, she is also the lead singer of the gypsy-glam band The Courtesans. Spirit Models guest model's include Evie Wolfe, Terri Bedford and Valen Vein.

Bram Stoker International and Spirit Models would also like to announce their thrilling modelling competition which will take place during the event. Prizes up for grabs include, a screen test for an upcoming horror film, a contract with Spirit Models and a double page feature in Devolution magazine.  
The event will be held annually during the festival and the aim is for the Alternative fashion show to become the most prestigious and professional event in  Europe

To enter the Vampyre Queen modelling competition please go to the following link-

For more information on the festivals events please take a look at the website: h

Spirit Models website:

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

HOT OFF the PRESS 'Dj Po' and 'Naughty Nicola' to record a show together!!

Yes indeed 'Dj Po' and 'Naughty Nicola' are in talks about recording a show together!
How will 'Dj Po' cope by being locked in a Studio with the sultry 'Naughty Nicola'
Will he disolve into a mass of squirming Jelly? Will he be able to compose himself
long enough to remember he's Dj and not her side project play thing? Will she take
her pet Death Rock singing Fruit Bat (Rodriquez) along ... we are sure she will.
More News on this, as and when we get it...

Monday, 16 January 2012


After several months of using the tried & trusted formula of daily schedules (and its associated wrangling with horribly flaky radio platforms), we've now decided we should probably join the 21st century (a little bit, at least) and move Nightbreed Radio to an all-new, cloud-based 'on demand' format! We're now using Mixcloud to bring you the same great shows as before.

MORE UP-TIME THAN BEFORE: It means a more reliable platform for us to bring you our shows (and a lot less headache for the DJ's!)
NEVER MISS A SHOW-EVER! Stuck in traffic? The In-Laws paying an unexpected visit? House on fire? No worries. Just click through the show selections on the pop-up player and choose what you want, when you want!
GOTH ON THE GO: Use the Free Mixcloud iPhone app to hear us on the move!
We hope you'll like this new way of listening to us at Nightbreed Radio; as always you can contact us and leave us any feedback.