Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Up coming 'In-Conversation' show

Friday 29th July saw Nightbreed Radio Dj's, Piers Sixx and Dj Po venture out of their coffins and go out on the road to catch Rhombus, Grooving In Green and The Last Cry play a fantastic gig in Birmingham UK.

They managed to corner Grooving In Green in a large storage room for an 'In-Conversation' show interview, much cake was eaten and they even managed a few questions about 'scene whores' and cats...

Also in attendance were fellow Nightbreed Radio Dj's Cruel Britannia, Trev (Dark Lord) Bamford and Dj martin oldgoth, who was busy spinning all the top tunes in the main room.

This 'In-Conversation' show will probably air some time in September after much editing.

It'll be well worth tuning in for! :)