Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sophie Lancaster Fundraising event: Salome En Noir

Salome En Noir is a Silent Movie themed night with a free screening alongside a curio market.
The club night kicks off at 8pm - 2am with Dj's Martin Oldgoth, Dave Exile and Gentleman Jim.
There will also be live dark, gothic and vintage inspired Bellydance performances throughout the evening from Darkstar, Pearl Boheme, Jesse Stanbridge & The Brides Of Dracula.

This event is raising funds for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Date: Saturday 7th May
Admission: £6.00.
Venue: The Horatia, London, N7 8JE
Event website:

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

How to add a Nightbreed Radio stream shortcut to your iPhone/iPod Touch

Convenience. You can't beat it. Coffee, food, all sorts of things accessed by the single push of a button.
So it made perfect sense for me to figure out how to access an internet radio station from the single press of a button.

I suppose that you could trawl the Apple app store to find one that would allow you to access Nightbreed Radio, maybe even charge you for the privilege.
OR you could just follow the steps below that I knocked up through a little bit of tatting about.
The simple instructions below will make a direct shortcut to Nightbreed Radio's stream on your iPhone/iPod Touch-just press & listen, like radio should be accessed in my humble opinion...

Once I've figured out how to attach the Nightbreed logo icon " " to this shortcut I'll let you know (this option already works for adding a shortcut to the Nightbreed Radio website to your homescreen)

1. Open in Safari on your iPhone/iPod Touch

2. Scroll down the page until you reach the 'HOW TO LISTEN' section.
3. Press & hold on the .Quicktime link until options for it pop up from the bottom of the screen.
4. Choose the 'Open in New Page' option.
5. A new page will open and the stream will automatically start playing through Safari's Quicktime player plugin.
6. Press 'Done' in the top left-hand corner of the screen & a blank screen will appear.
7. Press the middle button at the bottom of the screen which looks like an arrow pointing out of a box.
8. Select the 'Add to Home Screen' option
9. Name the shortcut something relevant, like 'Radio Nightbreed' or 'Nightbreed Player'
10. Tap the top right-hand 'Add' button and you're done!

DJ Cruel Britannia